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I'm in need of a dress/gown for my Sr, ball at Oakmont high school (Roseville). I want to be sure no one else is wearing the same gown. Will you be able to confirm that no one else will be wearing what I chose?

Thanx for being one of my girlz, and NOT wanting someone else to look just like u. I take it that u don't have an identical twin ( and u don't want to look like one either.) At Alexandria's they understand how important it is not to see someone else at the Sr Ball in exactly the same gown. This is why we ask and attempt to keep track of what prom you're attending.  Ask about Alexandria's"Special Orders" for next season.  We try not to have too many, duplicates of the gowns but that can get tricky with having sizes on hand to try to accomodate everyone. There are some dresses/gowns that we may only have 1 of and are not available for reorder. Our buyers try their best to select dresses/gowns that are not usually available in local stores.  However, we cannot guarantee this. It is always possible that someone will purchase the same dress and color at another store or in another city. We offer over 1500 prom dresses in a wide selection of styles and sizes, which should decrease the chances of somone wearing exactly the same dress to Oakmont's Sr Ball. All rentals are registered. The custom gown registration system applies to Alexandria's Formal Dress Rentals only, so I can't  guarantee that no one else will be wearing your gown.  We make a reasonable effort not to rent same dress model, in the same color, by the same designer to any two clients for the same Prom or Sr Ball.  Unless they request it (yes, yes, yes, there have been girls that wanted to dress exactly alike). Well, so much for the twin stuff. The best thing to do is to work with one of Alexandria's Independent Image Consultants when you come in. They will be happy to help you create a unique "fit" for your Sr Ball. They are all good & they know how to make you look good, too!  They even gave me tips on where I could my make-up & hair done. Yes, I had a up-do. When I went to Prom, they hooked me up!  I looked so good that I wanted to hug myself (lol). I wore my dream Jessica McClintock dress with a iced out necklace and bracelet. I rented all my Prom gear for $75 (dress, shawl, shoes, necklace, bracelet, purse and I even got to keep the earrings). I know the dress alone had a retail value of over $200.  My parents said I saved them a lot of money.  They're happy & I got to wear the dress of my dreams. Oh well, u got to keep the parents happy but u gotta look good! 

What if I get to the prom and the guy decides to hang out with his friends instead of being with me? Nikki T. Age 16

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki;

Oh, that's hard! He's the fool. It's his loss. ANYWAYZ, u have to have fun without him.  Just dance with whoever's there.  All your girlz' are probably there, and if u went up to a friend who really cares about u and said,'My date is hanging out with his boyz, they'd be like, "Whatever!" about the guy and then dance and hang out with u. Prom is a lot of fun if you're with a bunch of friends. Enjoy!

Is prom that big of a deal? Is it really as magical as people make it sound? - Alyssa m. age 15

It can be different things for everybody, depending on what u want it to be and what u make it. Prom is one of those nights u will always remember. U have the chance to get dressed up and u can look like anything u dream of-like a princess.  It's fun to go all out and do that for a day! I say keep it light, have fun, feel special and know, that u know, that u know, that if u get your ball gown from Alexandria's you'll look like the 'Star U Are!

Two guys asked me to the prom. What should I do? - Lori J. Age 16

If it was me, I'd say go with both,Playa.I'd rent two dresses & change in the bathroom.NOT REALLY, if u want do the responsible right thing u would choose one date and have the time of your life.Besides that I don't think that the guys would appreciate it! Obviously,u have to pick one of them.Choose the guy you want to be with more-whom u have more fun with and want to spend an evening with.  If you're with a guy u really care about, then it's a romantic night. Although, it could also be fun if you're just getting to know someone,too.

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